Walking & cycling

As a compact City, Cardiff is a great place to replace those shorter journeys usually taken by car and bus with walking or cycling, in order to beat some of the anticipated transport delays from Thursday 1 to Sunday 4 June.

So why not take the opportunity over this period to leave your car at home and walk or cycle those shorter journeys to experience some of the UEFA Champions League atmosphere.  

Walking will be a great way to get from the city centre to the UEFA Champions Festival at Cardiff Bay:

  • Cardiff Central Rail Station to UEFA Champions Festival at Cardiff Bay: About 20 minute along Lloyd George Avenue
  • Cardiff Castle to UEFA Champions Festival at Cardiff Bay: About 25 minutes along St Mary’s Street or The Hays through to Lloyd George Avenue
  • Cardiff Queen Street Rail Station to UEFA Champions Festival at Cardiff Bay: 25 minutes

Remember, Saturday 3 June is anticipated to be extremely busy in the city centre, even when you are walking. 

Cycling will also be a great way to get around throughout this period. However please be aware there are expected to be 170,000 people in the centre of Cardiff on Saturday 3 June which may make cycling more difficult on that day.

Due to the scale of the Event there will be some disruption to local cycle routes including around Bute Park, the City Centre and the Bay. While every effort has been made to keep disruption to a minimum some cycle routes will temporarily be closes and wherever possible alternative routes will be clearly signed. Those who are considering cycling in areas likely to be disrupted are advised to allow extra time for their journeys


As a compact city, Cardiff is a great place to maximize short journey by cycling or walking. By making this choice, rather than going by car or bus is possible to avoid the expected delays on public transport from Thursday 1 June to Sunday 3 June. 

So why not get the most of this opportunity to leave your car at home and walk or cycle short journeys to test a few of the UEFA Champions League atmosphere?

Walking is a great way to travel into the city center Festival UEFA Champions in Cardiff Bay:

  • Cardiff Central station to the UEFA Champions Festival in Cardiff Bay: Approximately 20 minutes by Lloyd George Avenue. 
  • UEFA Champions Festival to Cardiff Castle in Cardiff Bay: Approximately 25 minutes by St Mary Street or Hayes followed Lloyd George Avenue. 
  • Queen Street station to Cardiff Bay UEFA Champions Festival: 25 minutes.

Remember, it is expected to be on Saturday June 3 incredibly busy city center, even if you are walking. 

Cycling is also a great way of getting around the city during this period. However please be aware that approximately 170,000 people are expected to be in the center of Cardiff on Saturday June 3 meaning that cycling is harder on the day. 

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