JDWPL and Sgorio embracing technology
7 September 2017

JDWPL and Sgorio embracing technology

It’s already been an entertaining start to the JD Welsh Premier League season. The New Saints, who went on a World-Record-breaking run last season, lost 5-2 on the opening night to Bangor City, and every game since has been filled with excitement.

Llandudno v Prestatyn Town


  • Thursday, 7 September, KO 7:45pm
  • Facebook Live: Sgorio
  • Coverage from 7:40pm

This week, however, the JD WPL is set to receive another big boost, as S4C’s Sgorio are scheduled to broadcast their first game of the season on Thursday night via Facebook Live, with the League set to feature prominently via the world’s most popular social networking site this season as JD WPL games will be broadcast regularly on Thursday nights.

“This new development is exciting on more than one level,” JD Welsh Premier League Secretary Gwyn Derfel told FAW.Cymru. “The streamed games will hopefully showcase the JD Welsh Premier League to a new audience and we’d like to think that the fans will embrace the Thursday night experience. As a league, we are very happy that our working relationship with S4C is going from strength to strength.”

Dylan Ebenezer has played a big part in developing Sgorio’s coverage and popularity in the years since being involved as a presenter for their broadcasts, and discussed the many positives this latest development brings with it.

“It’s a great development, I think it will be really popular because so many people are accessing live football nowadays online.

“The fans want more live games, we want more live games, and I think it’ll be a big hit with fans of the league as well as with other football fans. The way fans digest the game is changing, it’s great to see this step being taken and I think it’s going to prove very popular.

“People are used to watching football every day of the week these days, so Thursday games on Facebook Live will now compliment  S4C broadcasts on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Certainly the first Friday game we trialled appeared to be very popular.

“I’m really enjoying being a part of it and from the feedback I’ve been given the fans are really enjoying it too, so long may it continue. I know that as a company Rondo Media, who produce Sgorio, have always been keen to show more and more games. They have cameras at every match anyway so the highlights of every game are up as soon as possible, and they’re always looking to do more.

“If the WiFi is good, we can upload things quickly, we can broadcast games live, and as every club has developed and got to a good standard with their technology recently, we can now start taking the next step with Facebook Live. We’ve been looking at it for a while, it’s a hugely popular platform.”

It’s a great development, I think it will be really popular because so many people are accessing live football nowadays online. 

– Dylan Ebenezer, Sgorio presenter

The JD Welsh Premier League’s profile has grown in recent times, with the division’s title sponsors a key indicator of that as well as S4C’s ever-growing commitment to broadcast as many matches as possible via as many mediums as they can, and Ebenezer commented that this eagerness to publicise the league, combined with the high standard and quality of action on the pitch all points to a very prosperous future for the JD WPL.

“It’s been a funny season so far, it is great to see so many clubs competing and obviously Llandudno have got off to a flyer, but the first game set the tone when Bangor City beat The New Saints 5-2. Instantly I think it raised a few eyebrows and made people take a lot more interest in the league.

“On the pitch, the league is better than ever, and off the pitch things are moving in the right direction too. It’s going to take time, obviously, it’s all about baby steps I think, especially since this is a relatively new league, but it is growing every year and who knows where we’ll be 25 years from now – it’ll be fascinating to see.

“There’s so many people working hard to push this league forward, and I think more and more people are starting to realise just how good a league it is, and hopefully with these Thursday nights on Facebook Live we can get more people having a look and it’ll start to snowball from there. A lot of good work has been done over the last few years and I think people are starting to notice that.”