UEFA Champions League Final Official Match Ball Unveiled
Cardiff 2017
13 February 2017

UEFA Champions League Final Official Match Ball Unveiled

With the UEFA Champions League returning for its crucial final stages, adidas today unveiled the Official Match Ball that will be used as Europe’s best teams compete on the Road to Cardiff and the Final in the Welsh Capital this June. 

The adidas team, who traveled to Cardiff as part of the design process, drew inspiration from the power and strength the dragon represents in Celtic mythology – with the dragon print designed to represent the ferocity with which the final stages are played. 

The ball also delivers the performance benefits required to match the standard of the players set to light up the latter stages of the competition – the likes of Messi, Suarez, Müller and of course Welsh hopefuls Bale, Ramsey and King. Its outer coating texture is consistent with all the adidas UEFA Champions League Official Match Balls and provides optimal grip, while the thermally-bonded star panel design provides a seamless surface for improved first touch.

The adidas Final Cardiff 2017 ball will be used on field during UEFA Champions League matches from 14th February up until and including the final at the National Stadium of Wales on 3rd June.