Wales are positioned in League B for UEFA Nations League
11 October 2017

Wales are positioned in League B for UEFA Nations League

Wales have been placed in League B for the new UEFA Nations League following the completion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying group stage. 

The line-ups for the inaugural Nations League have now been confirmed with the Netherlands edging out Wales into a League A slot. 

Austria, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, Republic of Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Czech Republic and Turkey join Wales in League B. 

The teams will be split into four groups of three. The four group winners are promoted to League A, with the four sides that finish bottom are relegated to League C for the next competition, which is to be played in 2020. 

The top four-ranked League B teams that do not qualify for UEFA EURO 2020 will enter the play-offs in March 2020, with one finals place on offer.

The 55 participating teams were split according to their position in the UEFA National Team Coefficient Rankings.

The UEFA Nations League will be played in four leagues A to D, with League A containing the 12 highest-ranked teams. League B contains the next 12 teams, League C the 15 following and League D the last 16 teams. The competition starts on 6 September 2018.

WATCH: Click here to watch an explanation video for the UEFA Nations League

UEFA Nations League Calendar

  • Group stage draw*: 24 January 2018 – SwissTech Convention Centre, Lausanne Matchday 1: 6–8 September 2018
  • Matchday 2: 9–11 September 2018
  • Matchday 3: 11–13 October 2018
  • Matchday 4: 14–16 October 2018
  • Matchday 5: 15–17 November 2018
  • Matchday 6: 18–20 November 2018
  • Finals draw: early December 2018
  • Finals: 5–9 June 2019
  • UEFA EURO 2020 play-off draw: 22 November 2019
  • UEFA EURO 2020 play-offs: 26–31 March 2020

Teams in three-sided groups will play on four of the six matchdays.