Plan ahead to ensuring your business continuity

With over 200,000 people anticipated to be in Cardiff for the UEFA Champions League Final and Festival from 1 - 4 June 2017, it is important businesses in Cardiff and surrounds are aware how this will impact their operation and most importantly, ways to maximise the event.

Many of those with tickets to the match shall be coming from Europe, as fans of the top two teams from the Women’s and Men's UEFA Champions League battle out for the top spot in Cardiff on Thursday 1 June and Saturday 3 June respectively.

Start planning now

1. Know the key dates of the event when Cardiff will be much busier from 1 - 4 June, particularly Saturday 3 June, the day of the UEFA Champions League Finals at the Principality Stadium. See details of what’s on here.

  • UEFA Women’s Champions League Final Thursday 1 June with kick off at 19.45 Cardiff City Stadium

  • UEFA Champions League Final Saturday 3 June with kick off at 19.45 at the Principality Stadium (note this will also have the temporary name of the National Stadium of Wales for the event). Note Saturday 3 June will be the busiest Cardiff has ever seen

  • UEFA Champions Festival from Thursday 1 to Sunday 4 June at Roald Dahl Plass Cardiff Bay. For full details of what’s on and hours of operation see here.

2. Familiarise yourself with the planned changes in the area, such as the full extent of road closures and location of things like the UEFA Champions Festival at Roald Plass in Cardiff Bay. 

3. If your business caters for visitors and/or tourists, consider your opening hours and supply orders maximise the increased demand and get an understanding of the key locations and what's on.

4. Let your staff, visitors, suppliers know to consider making adjustments to their usual travel behaviour to avoid disruption. Details on travel and transport changes can be found here.

A travel advice for business handbook is available NOW to help you prepare for the event.