Stadium information

Please follow the signage and enter the stadium at the entrance shown on the map on your ticket to get to your designated seat. You should plan to arrive at the stadium by 17.45 to allow good time for the extensive ticket and security checks.

The stadium will open at 16.45 with kick-off at 19.45 (local time).

The opening time might be subject to change for security reasons.

Bags and bottles (plastic or glass) are not permitted into the stadium. Officially branded merchandise bags, small camera bags, very small women's handbags will be permitted into the stadium, but searches will be in place. (Subject to the discretion of security at the Stadium). Portable mobile phone power packs will be permitted into the Stadium.

Personal medication is allowed within the Stadium, these can be kept on you or within a very small bag.

Please keep your ticket in a safe place and have it ready for inspection as you approach the stadium.

Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced and holders of counterfeit tickets will not be allowed into the stadium.

Please also carefully read the terms and conditions printed on the reverse of your ticket.

Stadium rules and regulations

By entering the stadium, you consent to your picture and voice being used for photographs, live and delayed broadcasts and image or sound recordings of the event, both at the time of the event and in the future.

You also undertake to follow the instructions of police officers, fire department personnel, rescue teams, security personnel, stadium announcers, stewards or volunteers.

Security personnel are authorised by the event organiser to deny entry to anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, carrying weapons or other dangerous material, or anyone presenting a risk to the security of other visitors or the stadium. Any administrative offence will be dealt with in accordance with the local police regulations.

Restricted items

Persons in possession of the following items will be refused entry to the stadium:

Racist or political propaganda material, weapons of any sort, aerosols, corrosive, flammable, colouring substances, fireworks, flares, smoke powder, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnical objects, food, bottles (including plastic and glass bottles), cups, cans or other breakable, splintering or especially hard material, alcoholic drinks of any kind, laser pointers, reflex cameras and other cameras with detachable zoom lenses, video cameras or other sound and picture recording devices (smartphones are allowed into the stadium), megaphones, all horns including air horns, musical instruments, umbrellas, banners, poles, ‘selfie sticks’, helmets, trolleys and suitcases.