Player Registrations

Football Association of Wales Player Registrations

The Registrations Department oversee all aspects of Player Registrations within Wales for both Professional and Amateur players. Our duties include: -

  • Administration of the FAW COMET Player Registrations module.
  • Registration of all Professional and Amateur Players in Wales.
  • Administration of the FIFA Transfer Matching System.
  • Processing of all International Transfer Certificates (ITC) for Professional and Amateur player's both in and out of Wales.
  • Implement all FAW, UEFA and FIFA Rules and Regulations regarding Player Registrations.
  • Advise Clubs/Players on any queries regarding the Rules & Regulations including FIFA and Domestic Training Compensation claims.
  • Governing Body Endorsements for Work Permit applications.
  • Oversee Intermediary Activity within Wales.

Registration Periods

The Professional Registration Periods for the 2020/21 season are as follows:

  • The first Professional Registration Period will open on 27 July 2020 and will close at midnight on 16 October 2020.
  • The second Professional Registration Period will open on 2 January 2021 and will close at midnight on 1 February 2021.

The Amateur Registration Period for the 2020/21 season, applicable only to competitions in which only Amateur Players participate, will open on 27 July 2020 and close on a date to be confirmed.

FAW Standard Employment Contract

This Employment Contract must accompany an application to register a Professional Player and is to be submitted to the Association via FAW COMET.

FAW Standard Employment Contract.pdf

FAW Professional Mutual Cancelation Form

This form is used for a Club and Professional Player to mutually agree to terminate an Employment Contract early.

Professional Mutual Cancelation Form_2020-21.pdf