FA Wales Strategy

The FAW is delighted to share the 2020 vision and strategic plan for football in Wales called More than a game.

More than a game is the result of numerous consultations with the FAW’s stakeholders to develop ambitious yet achievable objectives for football in Wales for the 2015-2020 period. The vision and strategic plan incorporates the views of those involved with football in Wales at every level and will be a guide for the FAW to deliver its goals and realise its vision for 2020.

The strategic plan is based upon the FAW’s three core values:

  • Excellence – An intense desire or enthusiasm to continuously improve and strive for excellence.
  • Family – A group of people working together to make football stronger in Wales.
  • Respect – Demonstrating respect for each other in all that we do and at all times.

These are the FAW’s fundamental beliefs, which play an integral part in supporting the vision and shaping the culture of Welsh football.

”More than a game outlines the vision and strategic direction for Welsh football for the next five-years. The document has been developed following extensive consultation and I would like to thank those who contributed for their valuable input. It’s an ambitious yet focused plan. Whilst we know the road we want to take, achieving our ambitions for the grassroots and elite game will require teamwork, dedication and effort. I’m sure, with the support of all members of the football family, we’ll achieve our vision where football in Wales is more than a game.” - Jonathan Ford, Chief Executive

Football is the most participated, spectated and volunteered sport in Wales. Football is a passion, a conviction, hobby, pastime; a love of life.

It is More than a game.

FA Wales Strategy
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