The COMET Football Management System will be used by all football clubs, leagues, area associations and referees in Wales from the 2019/20 season.  


The FAW has therefore organised training sessions aimed at football club administrators and will offer full training in the use of the COMET Football Management System.  

When will COMET training take place?

All Clubs will be trained on how to register their players, coaches and officials prior to the start of the 2019/20 season. The training will be held between 22 May and the end of June.  

This will ensure that all clubs will know how to register their players on COMET ahead of the Early Bird deadline of 31 July 2019. 

Where possible, we have organised a number of sessions in each area, spread across different weeks and on both week nights and weekends.

Where will the training sessions be held?

Training sessions will be held throughout Wales.  Venues have been chosen based on their capability of being able to accommodate up to 40 clubs for what is an IT based training session – so a venue’s Wi-Fi capacity has been a key factor in our choice of location.  

We have endeavoured to ensure that everyone can attend a session without travelling too far, however, to assist with travel we will also pay travel expenses at 35p per mile for one vehicle per club attending.  

Expenses will be capped at the distance from your club to your nearest training session.  Expense forms will be available at the training session.  Parking will be available free of charge at all venues, and where possible we will also highlight public transport options. 

Who should attend the training?

Every club in Wales will need to be trained in using the COMET system, and each club is invited to send TWO REPRESENTATIVES to the session.  

One representative should be the person who will be the main COMET user from the club (or what we are calling a COMET Champion) and should be confident in the use of computers.  The second representative should be someone who will be involved in player registrations at the club.  

There are over 900 clubs in Wales and most will have several people requiring access to COMET to help with the registration process. Given that we only have a short time frame to train everyone, we are adopting a TRAIN THE TRAINER approach. This means that the FAW will train the two representatives from each Club, and these two representatives will then be responsible for training other users within their Club and to manage any queries they get from other Club users.

What will the training cover?

By the end of the training session, clubs will be able to:

- Set up users on COMET;

- Register their players, coaches and club officials on COMET;

- Know how to make payments via COMET; and

- Select and submit electronic team sheets via COMET.

Some sessions will be specifically aimed at clubs in Tiers 1 to 4 of the Welsh football pyramid and Tier 1 of the Women’s football structure.  These sessions will include information on how to register contract players and further details on submitting electronic team line-ups. 

As such, attendance at these specific sessions is only permitted for Clubs operating within these higher tiers.

How do I register for a training session?

Club representatives can register for training sessions online, via Eventbrite (please see link below).  There is no charge to book onto a training session.  Each ticket booked through Eventbrite will allow up to two representatives per club to attend (clubs may only book one ticket, and only need to attend one session).  

Please do not bring more than two people per club to a session, as we will not have enough room to accommodate them. You will not need to bring your printed ticket to gain entry to the training.

To view all training sessions and register for a session, please go to: COMET TRAINING BOOKING 

Please take the following points into consideration when registering:

The FAW reserves the right to:

- cancel your booking if your club has booked on to multiple sessions (each club should only attend one session):

- cancel multiple bookings from the same club (one booking per club should be made, which will allow access to two people);

- cancel your booking on a tier 1-4 session if your club does not fall into this category;

- postpone or cancel sessions if they do not reach the minimum attendance numbers to run the session.

Please note that your club will not get access to the COMET system until you have attended a training session so the sooner you attend a session, the sooner you can start to register your players on COMET.

What do I do if I can no longer attend a training session that I have booked onto?

As spaces are limited, if you are no longer able to attend a training session that you have booked onto please cancel your booking on Eventbrite or by contacting us at It is important that you cancel your booking, as without doing so you will not be able to book into an alternative session, as multiple bookings by the same club will be cancelled.

If you have a change in the representatives from your club that are attending please also inform us at   

Do I need to bring anything to the training session?

All equipment will be provided for use at the training session, you do not need to bring your own laptop.  Each club will also be given a complimentary wireless printer/scanner to take away from the session to help with completing the player registration process (please note that it is one printer/scanner per club and not one per section within a Club).

Other information

If you have any questions about the training sessions, please contact

All venues are accessible, but please inform us if you have any needs that we should consider.

Tea and coffee will be provided.

We will also provide training guides which you can take away with you after the training session has taken place.

Please arrive at the training workshop 30 minutes before the published start time. We will start on time and not wait for any late arrivals. The sessions will last 2.5hrs.

COMET Documents
The FAW COMET System - Getting Started.pdf
FAW COMET System - Amateur Player Registrations.pdf
The FAW COMET System - Professional Player Registrations.pdf
COMET Communication update - Clubs.pdf
Club fees 2019-20 season.pdf
League fees.pdf
How to open a PayPal account.pdf
FAW Modernisation Programme.pdf
COMET Communication update - Leagues.pdf
CBDC Rhaglen Foderneiddio.pdf
Registration Data Fields Needed for the COMET System.xlsx
FAW Group PA Summary of benefits.pdf
Referee Regulations 2019-20 season.pdf
The FAW COMET System - Match Officials Registrations.pdf
How to make payments via MyComet.pdf
FAW COMET System - Registering your Coaches, Staff and Club Officials.pdf
FAW PA Top Up Brochure.pdf