Bangor City FC refer case to Independent Arbitration Panel
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5 July 2019

Bangor City FC refer case to Independent Arbitration Panel

Bangor City Football Club have lodged an appeal to the Football Association of Wales in relation to the decisions of an FAW Appeals Panel, that sat on 24 June 2019. As a result, the case will now be heard by an Independent Arbitration Panel at a date yet to be decided. 

The decisions of the FAW Appeals Panel can be found in a statement issued to FAW.Cymru on 24 June by clicking here

In summary, the decisions of the Appeals Panel were as follows: 

  • In relation to the charges concerning ‘Player A’, it was found proven that Bangor City had entered into an Employment Contract with ‘Player A’ as and from 1 January 2019 and not from November 2018 as previously alleged. As a result, ‘Player A’ participated in 7 (seven) matches during this period. The Appeals Panel therefore decided that Bangor City FC be deducted 21 points from their Huws Gray Alliance League record for the 2018/19 season. 
  • The charges in relation to ‘Player B’ were found not proven by the Appeals Panel and as a result the 9 (nine) point deduction given to Bangor City by the Disciplinary Panel was removed.  

In accordance with FAW Rules, Bangor City have appealed against the decisions detailed above to an Independent Arbitration Panel. 

Furthermore, an additional disciplinary charge has been issued to Bangor City FC: 

  • Bangor City Football Club have been charged with the Disciplinary Offence as set out under FAW Rule 38.1.2 for the alleged breach of Huws Gray Alliance League Rule 7, in that on 22 March 2019 the Club allegedly played ‘Player A’ in the Huws Gray Alliance League match between Prestatyn Town and Bangor City whilst ineligible.