Bow FC withdrawn from the JD Welsh Cup
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8 September 2022

Bow FC withdrawn from the JD Welsh Cup

Following a Football Association of Wales investigation into the alleged breach of Welsh Cup Rule 20, the National Cup Board have decided to withdraw Bow FC from the competition for the 2022/23 season. 

FAW Welsh Cup Rule 20(a) states: 

(a) If the National Cup Board have any doubt as to the qualifications of any player taking part in this Competition, they shall have power to call upon such player, or the Club to which he belongs, or for which he played, to prove that he is qualified according to the Rules, and failing satisfactory proof the National Cup Board shall remove the Club from the Competition, and may impose such other penalty on the Club or player as they may think fit.

Having reviewed the evidence available to them, the Board decided that Bow FC were in breach of the Rule and that as per FAW Welsh Cup Rule 20(b), Betws-Y-Coed have been re-instated into the competition and will now be scheduled to participate in Qualifying Round 2 of the JD Welsh Cup in the 2022-23 season.