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4 June 2022


The Football Association of Wales and Senior Men’s Cymru players have teamed up with Welsh Government to support the ‘Call Out Only’ campaign.

The ‘Call Out Only’ campaign asks for a culture change so that sexual harassment and abuse against women, in all its forms, is no longer tolerated, with the hope that together, a culture of equality and respect can be encouraged and promoted.

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The important video, which details that nowhere should be a place of fear for women, features several Cymru men’s players including Brennan Johnson, Mark Harris, Ben Cabango, Rubin Colwill and Joe Allen who are calling on men and boys across Wales to support the campaign and not to commit, condone or play along with sexual harassment.

Minister for Social Justice, Jane Hutt said: “We continue to hear accounts where women and young girls are sexually harassed on the streets of Wales. Make no mistake, catcalling, wolf whistling, stalking and making sexual comments are forms of sexual harassment and should not be tolerated.

“Our Call out only campaign aims to help people identify behaviours associated with public sexual harassment and that the experiences of harassment by women and girls are serious and prevalent and can cause fear, alarm and distress.

“This is intentionally a very direct and challenging campaign for the simple reason that all of these behaviours have to be confronted head-on. None of these behaviours are acceptable, none of them are ok. Some will happen in isolation, others can lead to an escalation.

“The word ONLY is frequently used to explain away and excuse inappropriate behaviour. The word gets used in conversation by men to justify their actions. It gets used by people to dilute women’s genuine fears. Through the campaign we aim to show where this mentality can lead. That’s why we need men to question their own behaviour and, where it’s safe to do so, each other’s behaviour too.

“When men call out abusive behaviours and excuses, they provide an opportunity to change the narrative that harms women and girls. Men and boys can be part of the solution and work to end violence and abuse.

“If we were to talk around or try and soften these messages then we would not be addressing the harassment, abuse and violence that women experience on a daily basis, nor would we challenging how perpetrators view their own behaviour. Wales will not be a bystander to sexual harassment, stalking or abuse”

Anyone impacted by violence or abuse can contact the Live Fear Free helpline. This is a free, 24/7 service for all victims and survivors of violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence and those close to them, including family, friends and colleagues. Live Fear Free can be contacted in the following ways:

Call: 0808 80 10 800

Text: 0786 007 7333


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