FAW Matchday Support Grant
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30 October 2020

FAW Matchday Support Grant

The FAW recently announced a dedicated Matchday Support Grant to protect the future of the domestic game. 

The funding is available as a result of the FIFA COVID-19 Relief Plan, which distributed a solidarity grant of $1m (circa £750K) to all FIFA member associations, to alleviate the financial impact of the pandemic. 

The FAW Matchday Support Grant is providing funds to eligible FAW and Area Association affiliated clubs across Tiers 1-4 of the Men’s pyramid and Tiers 1-2 of the Women’s pyramid. All eligible clubs have been contacted and applications to access the funding are currently being submitted.   

The purpose of the FAW Matchday Support Grant is:  

  • To support clubs fixed costs.
  • To allow clubs to ensure that they retain their facilities by not defaulting on lease payments.
  • To make the changes necessary to satisfy the latest FAW and Government guidance. 
  • To ensure their stadia are safer for the return of football and supporters. 
  • To supplement income due to playing behind closed doors.

Eligible Men's Tier 1-3 clubs have until Monday, 2 November to submit their application in order to access the grant. Clubs in Tier 4 have until Monday, 9 November. 

For Women's Tier 1 clubs, half of the grant will be paid in 2020 to the current 9 Welsh Premier Women's League teams. The second half of the grant will be paid in May 2021 to the 8 teams confirmed in Tier 1 for the 2021/22 season.

Confirmed Women's Tier 2 clubs for the 2021/22 season will receive the grant in May 2021. 

Full details have been communicated to the relevant clubs.