First Instance Body: FAW Tier 3 Certification Decisions
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25 June 2020

First Instance Body: FAW Tier 3 Certification Decisions

The Independent Tier 3 First Instance Body was remotely convened today (25 June) to consider 102 Tier 3 Certification applications. 

FAW Tier 3 Certification

Click on the link below for the decisions of the Independent First Body:

FAW Tier 3 Certification 

FAW Tier 3 Certification is a prerequisite for participation at Tier 3 of the Welsh Football Pyramid from the start of the 2020/21 season. 

The Tier 3 Certification process aims to increase the standard of facilities across Wales and forms a key part of the FAW Pyramid Review process.

Of the 102 applicant clubs, 77 were awarded Tier 3 Certification in the first instance. 

Steven Jones, the FAW’s Club Licensing Manager, explains: “Since the publication of the FAW Tier 3 Ground Criteria Regulations in 2017, the FAW has been working closely with clubs in order to provide them with the best opportunity to meet the Tier 3 criteria. 

“In addition, since 2018, approximately £800,000 of Welsh Ground Improvements funding has been allocated to Tier 3 clubs – and to those clubs aspiring to be in Tier 3 – to assist them. 

“It has been fantastic to witness first-hand the improvements to grounds across Wales and I cannot credit the clubs and their hard-working volunteers enough for the commitment they have shown to meet the Tier 3 standard. This is reflected in the positive number of clubs that have been successful with their applications.”  

Those clubs that have been unsuccessful in the first instance have the right of appeal and the independent appeals panel will meet remotely on 8 July. Following the conclusion of this process, the FAW National Leagues Board will meet on the 10 July to finalise the make-up of th new Tier 3 Leagues, prior to the new name and brand being released.