Goytre FC removed from the JD Welsh Cup
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9 January 2017

Goytre FC removed from the JD Welsh Cup

Goytre FC have been removed from the JD Welsh Cup for the 2016/17 season by the Football Association of Wales National Game Board following a breach of FAW Welsh Cup Rule 20. 

The alleged Welsh Cup Rule breach occurred in Goytre’s Round 3 fixture at Llandudno on Saturday, 3 December, which they won 2-0.

FAW Welsh Cup Rule 20 states:

'If the Council have any doubt as to the qualifications of any player taking part in this Competition, they shall have power to call upon such player, or the Club to which he belongs, or for which he played, to prove that he is qualified according to the Rules, and failing satisfactory proof the Council shall remove the Club from the Competition, and may impose such other penalty on the Club or player as they may think fit.'

The details of the case are as follows:

  • Goytre FC stated on the Team Sheet and Match Report Form that registered player Ben Evans played in the number 11 shirt in the match.
  • It was alleged that the player in the number 11 shirt was a Mathew McDonald.
  • Goytre FC admitted that this was the case in writing and in person at the National Game Board meeting held in Cardiff today (9 January).

The National Game Board ruled the following:

  • The match has been declared null and void. 
  • Llandudno have been re-instated to Round 4 and will play against Bangor City on 28 January.
  • Goytre FC's prize money has been withheld. 
  • The matter has been referred to the Compliance Department for disciplinary action against the Club and the Player.