Latest UEFA EURO 2020 Ticketing Information
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29 November 2019

Latest UEFA EURO 2020 Ticketing Information


30 November 20198:47am

UEFA have now announced that fans of the 20 countries that have already qualified for UEFA EURO 2020 will be able to apply for tickets when they go on sale exclusively from

The ticket portal opens on Wednesday, 4 December at 13:00 GMT. The Red Wall will have until 13:00 GMT on 18 December to submit their application. 

Full ticketing information from UEFA can be found by clicking here

Specific details for The Red Wall can be found below. 

The following information has been released with regards to the purchasing of tickets for UEFA EURO 2020. 


Who Can Apply For Tickets?

Tickets for the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament will only be available through UEFA's dedicated ticketing website, with the Wales Fans Portal only open to 2018-20 Red Wall members. The portal will be opens at 13:00 GMT on Wednesday, 4 December and closes at 13:00 GMT on 18 December. Please note UEFA will only allow fans age 18 and over to purchase tickets. 

Eligible members will receive an access code from FAW and this will be needed in order to enter the application process on the Wales Fans Portal. The codes are unique to each member and will be sent by email over a two week period. The release of access codes will be staggered over 9 stages, in line with the loyalty system which is detailed in the section below. 

Please note, anyone who was not a Red Wall member for the 2018-20 period can only apply during the general public sales window through


Loyalty System

The following loyalty points system is in place, with a maximum of 51 points available:

  • 2018 World Cup Membership - 3
  • 2018-20 Red Wall Membership – 3
  • 2018 World Cup Tournament Ticket - 5
  • 2018-20 Red Wall Campaign Ticket (purchased before the UEFA Nations League) - 8
  • 2018-20 Red Wall Campaign Ticket (purchase after the UEFA Nations League) - 5
  • Away Match Ticket (last 16 away games considered) - 2

The last 16 away matches are as follows:

  • Azerbaijan v Wales 16.11.2019
  • Slovakia v Wales 10.10.2019
  • Hungary v Wales 11.06.2019
  • Croatia v Wales 08.06.2019
  • Albania v Wales 20.11.2018
  • Republic of Ireland v Wales 16.10.2018
  • Denmark v Wales 09.09.2018
  • Mexico v Wales 28.05.2018
  • China Cup – Wales v Uruguay 26.03.2018
  • China Cup – China v Wales 22.03.2018
  • France v Wales 10.11.2017
  • Georgia v Wales 06.10.2017
  • Moldova v Wales 05.09.2017
  • Serbia v Wales 11.06.2017
  • Republic of Ireland v Wales 24.03.2017
  • Austria v Wales 06.10.2016


Access Code Release Dates

Access codes will be emailed to Red Wall members as follows:

  • 11am on Tuesday 3rd December: 26-51 points (note, the portal won’t open until 1pm on 4th December)
  • 11am on Thursday 5th December: 20-25 points
  • 11am on Friday 6th December: 19 points
  • 11am on Monday 9th December: 15-18 points
  • 11am on Tuesday 10th December: 12-14 points
  • 11am on Wednesday 11th December: 11 points
  • 11am on Thursday 12th December: 8-10 points
  • 11am on Monday 16th December: 5-7 points
  • 11am on Tuesday 17th December: 3 points

Access codes are unique and valid for one use only. 


When Can I Apply For Tickets?

The Wales Fans Portal is open from 13:00 GMT on Wednesday, 4 December and closes at 13:00 GMT on 18 December. 

General Public Sales will be open at the same time as the fans portal.

Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis and there is a maximum of 2 tickets per Red Wall member. Access codes are valid for one use only, so please ensure you have selected all your required tickets before completing the purchase. 


Where Can I Apply For Tickets?

Through the Wales Fans Portal on


How Many Tickets Can I Apply For?

Each application is limited to 2 tickets, so any Red Wall member may apply for up to 2. 


What Tickets Are Available?

Single match tickets for the group stage matches and also conditional tickets for the knock out rounds are available to members. 



Payment can be made by Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card and through Alipay. 

If booking conditional tickets for the knock out rounds, the total payment will be taken at the time of booking and a refund will be made back onto the card used to make the purchase. The refund amount will depend how far we progress in the tournament and refunds should be made by 31 August 2020. 


Can I Book Tickets Seated Next To Friends?

During the application process a GROUP ID code will be automatically generated and will appear on the booking confirmation. This can be shared with your friends and family so they can enter the code when making their own applications. UEFA will make every effort to seat applicants together or in the same area, but cannot guarantee it. The Group ID code must be entered at the time of booking and cannot be added at a later date. 


Can I Book Accessibility Tickets?

Tickets for wheelchair bays and for ambulant disabled members are available through the Wales Fans Portal. Please contact FAW so we may request a specific access code for you from UEFA. Email 


Customer Service

All customer service matters will be handled by UEFA. This includes queries about the booking process, payment and delivery of mobile tickets. There is a full FAQs section on the Wales Fans Portal and members are also able to submit a query through the portal. Please note all enquiries regarding access codes must be directed to, UEFA will not be able to help with this as codes are released by FAW.