A New Identity for Football in Wales
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7 August 2019

A New Identity for Football in Wales

We are announcing the first major refresh of the association’s visual identity in a decade. A new emblem for Football in Wales. Our Dragon – iconic and inspired by our traditions and proud heritage that stands looking forward to a bold future. 

Since updating the badge in 2010, the FAW has developed and modernised their practices.

These developments are represented across the whole of the association in the brand refresh, with the logo stripped back and simplified, leaving the Dragon - the most iconic of Welsh emblems - to take centre stage.


The FAW is greater than the sum of its parts. With responsibilities ranging from the National Teams to the Domestic Game, Governance to Football and Player Development - each area is equally important. That is why a brand has been developed that reflects and celebrates this belief, providing a unifying system across the whole of the FAW, while allowing each individual element to shine. A truly modern, iconically Welsh brand.  

The FAW supports all levels of Football in Wales and our Dragon is the embodiment of that. An icon of strength, support and resilience, embracing the past whilst looking to the future. 

The Dragon 1.png


Our iconic Dragon is inspired by the traditional art of Welsh slate carving, which can be clearly seen in its unique angles and crafted edges. 

Emphasising the claws and making our Dragon even bolder – the perfect foundation on which to build our new identity - adding substance rather than removing it to create detail.

The Dragon’s silhouette has been sculpted into the shield shape that our National Teams wear on their chest. Meaning that the Dragon, even when removed from the badge, still represents the beating heart of Welsh Football at all levels.

Badge Drawing.png


The National Teams’ badge carves out the Dragon silhouette of the logo and is emblazoned on our traditional shield for a sturdy, impenetrable look.

Our badge is exclusively for the National Teams and our fans. It is the embodiment of the FAW’s brand principles and is worn with pride and passion – symbolising our unrelenting will to win.

The badge will be used for the first time in November, when the FAW launches a new Wales Home Kit for the National Teams.

Badge History V2.png
FAW Badge.png


In the process of redefining our badge, important elements have been amplified elsewhere. 

‘Gorau Chwarae Cyd Chwarae’, the poignant motto of the National Teams will now be stitched below the back collar of the National Team shirts, where the Daffodil has also been given pride of place, amplifying a message of unity and solidarity.



A mix of tradition and modern style, our bespoke typeface has been beautifully chiselled to be robust, strong and dynamic. 

Inspired by the traditional Trajan typography, often seen in Welsh slate carving and the modern condensed typefaces used in sport -  the influences combined results in a typeface that respects the traditions of our past, whilst living comfortably in a modern sporting environment. 



Our new colour palette is inspired by our Nation’s rich landscape, with colours drawn from the rolling hills of Glamorgan, the valleys of the Rhondda, to the peaks of Snowdonia. 

Each colour device is used to differentiate the pillars of Welsh Football in a considered manner – from the National Teams to Governance and the Domestic Game to Player Development. 

Colour Example
Type Examples.png


Our brand now comprises of three distinct pillars: the core FAW brand, the National Teams (including fans) and the Domestic Leagues & Cups. All pillars sit under our new iconic and modern brand, whilst colour language and image choice help create unique individuality within each pillar. A series of individual badges gives each element its own distinctive personality.  

The Leagues and Cups have all been given their own independent identities to hero them as individual entities.

As with our National Teams, the Welsh Daffodil represents not just the players, but the fans who support them too. 

Each Daffodil within the league logo is a representation of each individual league: Cymru Premier, Cymru North and Cymru South. The way they fit together embodies the unifying force that is Welsh football. The interlocking pattern references both the traditional football shape and the unity of our ‘Together Stronger’ ethos.

A unique logo has been developed for the Welsh Cup, that is built on heritage and tradition. The other National Cup competitions have also been elevated to sit within our brand system. 

FAW Welsh Cup.png


As a key part of the visual identity review process, the FAW conducted an ‘Omnibus Survey’ asking the fans and public both in and outside of Wales about our brand.  

A key question in the survey asked what three words came to mind upon seeing the final version of the badge. 75% of all respondents said ‘Wales/Welsh/Cymru’, whereas the second most common word was ‘football’, chosen by 25% of respondents, reaffirming that this new brand represents Football in Wales.

Our Badge.png


The FAW is proud to have created a brand which embodies Welsh football across all levels of the game. Our new brand will be implemented gradually over the coming months, beginning with the FAW digital channels, Colliers Park in Wrexham and introduced to the new kit design in November.