The Red Wall Lager & Cider launched through FAW partnership with Brecon Brewing
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3 June 2021

The Red Wall Lager & Cider launched through FAW partnership with Brecon Brewing

For this summer’s tournament, The Red Wall will be able to support Cymru from home with their own official Lager and Cider courtesy of the new partnership between the Football Association of Wales and Brecon Brewing. 

The products are already available at for pre-order to be delivered in time to watch Cymru’s first match against Switzerland in Baku, Azerbaijan on 12 June.  

Brecon Brewing use the waters from under the Brecon Beacons National Park to brew their products meaning that every sip of the official Lager and Cider will bring the taste of Wales to The Red Wall. 

Buster Grant, Head Brewer for Brecon Brewing, is excited about the launch of The Red Wall Lager & Cider and said: “Creating a Partnership with the Football Association of Wales is a fitting way to mark years of Brecon Brewing. The recent lockdowns, whilst devastating to our draught beer trade, have provided a real opportunity to create new beers and think very differently about the way we do business. We’re proud to have created two new drinks exclusively for the FAW – The Red Wall Lager, a 4.5% premium easy-drinking crisp lager and The Red Wall Cider, a 4.5% medium dry pale golden sparkling cider. We’re hoping that Welsh supporters and The Red Wall will get behind these exclusive drinks and support the Welsh campaign.”

The Red Wall Cider.png

Ian Davis, Head of Commercial & Marketing for the FAW, added: “We are very pleased to have secured this partnership between Brecon Brewing and the FAW in order to produce the very first official Lager and Cider of The Red Wall.  

“Cymru fans throughout the country are looking forward to another summer of tournament football and now they can watch the matches drinking their own official lager or cider. 

“Partnerships with distinctly Welsh companies like Brecon Brewing are very important to the FAW and we are incredibly pleased to have them on the team as an official supplier.” 

Pre-order The Red Wall Lager and The Red Wall Cider from


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