Statement: FAW Officers Committee Decision
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5 August 2019

Statement: FAW Officers Committee Decision

The Officers Committee of the Football Association of Wales met in Cardiff today (Monday, 5 August).

The Committee were provided with an update of timescales in relation to the arbitration hearing of Bangor City Football Club versus the FAW.

The Committee discussed FAW Rule 35 which states:

“The Directors shall have power to suspend the playing of Association Football at all or any club or ground within its jurisdiction at such times and for such duration as the Directors shall see fit. Notwithstanding any provision contained in Rule 138.1, the Directors shall have power to extend or diminish the period of the Playing Season in any year or at any time, when such a course shall seem to it to be necessary or desirable. All contracts or agreements between clubs, Players or any other party or between any or all of them shall be modified (if necessary) to take account of the effect of any decision of the Directors which may be made from time to time under the provisions of this Rule.”

Using its plenary powers to make emergency decisions in accordance with the FAW Standing Order 22 (iii), the Committee have implemented FAW Rule 35 against three clubs, Bangor City, Holywell Town and Llandyrnog with immediate effect and up to a maximum of seven calendar days after the judgement of the Arbitration hearing, in order to protect the sporting integrity of the competitions that these three clubs are scheduled to participate in.

The FAW can also confirm that the date for the arbitration hearing of Bangor City versus the FAW has been set as Friday, 16 August 2019.

The FAW will be making no further comments at this stage.