An update on the return of spectators
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7 June 2021

An update on the return of spectators

As announced by the Welsh Government on Friday (4 June), there is an increase in the number of people permitted to attend outdoor regulated events as and from today (7 June).

As a result, the FAW has compiled a list of frequently asked questions to answer any queries as to what this will mean for the return of spectators to Welsh football grounds. 

Spectators will now be able to watch junior and youth training and matches outdoors. This is limited to a maximum of 100 adults and an unlimited number of U18s. 

The return of spectators to adult matches outdoors will be phased following the completion of several FAW test events over the next fortnight. There are many considerations for Clubs and it’s important that these are tested in a match environment, before a wider roll-out.  

Tournaments and festivals will be able to take place outdoors in Wales and further guidance will be released in due course to support clubs in supporting these events. 

Organisations will now be able to participate in outdoor tournaments and festivals outside of Wales, providing it has been approved by the FAW or Area Association. 

Documents on FAW COVID-19 Hub have also been updated to reflect the changes.

The full FAQ’s and answers can be found below on the return to spectating. 



What is the maximum number of persons permitted to watch junior matches?

The maximum number of adults that can attend is 100 alongside an unlimited number of U18s to ensure Social Distancing can be always maintained. It is recommended that no more than 2 adults (e.g. parent/guardian) per player attends.  

What is the maximum number of persons permitted to watch adult matches?

The FAW are currently in the Test Event Phase for the return of spectators for adult matches, so only FAW Test Events can have spectators. Following the anticipated success of these events, generally, the maximum number of adults that can attend is 100 alongside an unlimited number of U18s to ensure Social Distancing can be always maintained.

However, clubs which expect demand of over 100 spectators can make a request to the FAW for a site visit in order to demonstrate how it can manage over 100 spectators safely, whilst ensuring social distancing can be met at all times.

Why are the FAW issuing these limits if the Welsh Government Regulations allow for up to 4,000 standing or mix of seating and standing?

This is to encourage social distancing at all times. Spectating at football matches is a fundamental part of the sport and it's important that people feel safe and comfortable at all times, whilst also ensuring that the risk of spread is minimized.

What if our facility provider allows more / less people that the FAW Regulations?

If the facility provider allows more or less people, the Club must revert to the lowest common denominator. 

What if our pitch is on a public park? 

Clubs should consult with their facility provider to determine if the number of spectators permitted at the venue is less than the number permitted by the FAW and to determine what level of responsibility the club has in managing spectators at a public park.  

Once this has been determined, clubs must: 

- Complete an updated risk assessment and share this with the facility provider. 

- Put measures in place to ensure spectators maintain 2m social distancing from each other and be at least 2m away from the field of play. 

- Ensure that any person(s) present on premises occupied by the Club are reasonably safe by communicating this guidance clearly.  



Why are the FAW conducting test events for the return of spectators at adult matches?

The FAW made several requests to the Welsh Government for its own Test Event at a smaller stadium to implement the FAW’s Return to Spectating Regulations, which were rejected.

There are many considerations for Clubs and its important that these are tested in a match environment, before wider roll-out.

These include entry and exits into stadium through turnstiles, managing thoroughfares, temperature testing and medical questionnaires, spectator code of conduct, ticketing, track and trace, offering refreshments, maintaining social distancing and protecting players.  



Will we have to record any data for Track and Trace?

Track and Trace is mandatory for all activities. The names of all spectators, a contact telephone number for each spectator (Or one household), the date of Match and the arrival and departure time are all required. Records must be maintained for 21 days.

Who is responsible for Track and Trace?

The onus is on the home Club in accordance with Welsh Government Regulations. 

What other documents do we need?

All spectators must complete a daily medical questionnaire (see FAW template), which can also incorporate the Track and Trace information.

Spectators must also agree to a ‘COVID-19 Spectator Code of Conduct’ (see FAW template) at the point of purchasing their ticket or entering the stadium. 



Is COVID or temperature testing required?

All spectators who wish to enter the venue on matchday will be temperature tested before admittance. Nobody with a temperature of 37.8 degrees or higher are permitted to enter the venue.

Covid Testing is not required.



Do I need to wear a face covering when watching a match?

Spectators aged 11 and over must wear a face covering, unless an exception applies. Children under 11 do not have to wear face coverings.

Spectators may have a reasonable excuse not to wear a face covering if (for example):

  • they are not able to put on or to wear a face covering because of a physical or mental illness, or because of a condition or impairment;
  • they are accompanying somebody who relies on lip reading where they need to communicate and you cannot access a clear face covering;
  • they are escaping from a threat or danger and don’t have a face covering.



Should I bring hand-sanitizer? 

We encourage all persons to bring their own hand sanitizer, but as a minimum all Clubs must provide this at the point of entry, at toilets and at refreshment areas.



Do we have to stick to 2m Social Distancing?

Yes, this is a requirement of Welsh Government Regulations

Are there any exceptions to this?

Only for those in the same household.



Are the Club allowed to sell refreshments?

The club will undertake a risk assessment and mitigation strategy for the re-introduction of the preparation, handling and purchasing of food and drink, as well as the operation of other retail concessions such as matchday programmes and merchandise.

This must comply with the latest Welsh Government guidelines for the retail and hospitality sectors



What if somebody is double vaccinated or has tested negative on that day?

There is no distinction between anybody who has or hasn’t been vaccinated at present so all Rules apply.